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General Waste

Where possible businesses should attempt to remove and separate all recyclable waste items and food from the non-recyclable waste. Any left-over non-recyclable waste or “general” waste can then be collected separately.

We can collect your general waste in various containers, depending on your requirements.

We advise where possible that customers use bins for waste storage. There are many benefits of having bins.

  • Easy to move
  • Easy to securely lock
  • A good way of reducing vermin, nasty smells and leaks
  • A safe way to store sharp objects and broken glass

Orange Bags

General Waste - Orange bag

Best suited for customers who produce little waste or have no storage, we have our bag collection service. We provide customers with orange refuse bags for general or non-recyclable waste which are placed on the kerbside for collection, on your specified collection day.

The amount of bags you use is completely up to you, and you will only pay for the bags you present for collection.

Wheeled Bins

For businesses with suitable storage space we can offer a range of bin sizes to suit your level of waste production. All bins have the option to come with lockable lids.

General Waste 240L Bin

240L bin
Suitable for 3-4 refuse bags.

Dimensions: 1100mm (H) x 580mm (W) x 720mm (D)

General Waste 360L Bin

360L bin
Suitable for 4-5 refuse bags.

Dimensions: 1100mm (H) x 620mm (W) x 850mm (D)

General Waste 660L Bin

660L bin
Steel container, suitable for 8-10 refuse bags.

Dimensions: 1310mm (H) x 1260mm (W) x 730mm (D)

General Waste 1100L Bin

1100L bin
Steel container, suitable for 15-18 refuse bags.

Dimensions: 1370mm (H) x 1260mm (W) x 990mm (D)

We can accommodate your requirements by emptying these bins on a schedule that suits you. You will be charged per lift (or empty) of the bin, and we offer a flexible service where additional collections can easily be requested.

These containers can be hired or purchased as part of the service.

Need an even larger container?

We can also provide skips for disposal of general waste, for one-off clearances or as a regular collection.

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